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2023 Designer Dozen: Suhana Abdul Salam


Between clients like Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, Level Kids, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Bacarrat and Bernardaud, Suhana has worked on retail projects across the Middle East and India for nearly 10 years.

From luxury brands to fast fashion, she’s involved from concept design to project execution in her role. Her co-workers say she’s developed a keen sense for design aesthetics and planning, and that she has an impeccable eye for detail.

In addition to mentoring interns at FRDC, Suhana participated in Clean-Up Arabia 2015, a voluntary initiative run by non-profit NGO EDA, which works annually to clean up dive sites and beaches in the U.A.E. She also worked to implement a plastic waste collection and disposal system in the town of Madhur in the Kasaragod District of Kerala, India, in 2021.

Read more from the article published in VMSD here

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