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Zimson's stunning winding staircase featured in VMSD

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Zimson sleek and clean aesthetic was in the spotlight and featured by VMSD recently. Featured under the Specialty Non-Apparel category, the publication spoke of ZIMSON WATCHES’ latest Bengaluru locale which is centered on a bold and sophisticated design, implemented by FRDC, aiming to match the characteristics of the retailer’s clientele.

Upon entering, shoppers are transported from the bustling outside world to the clean and contemporary look within, beginning with an LED sign, drawing attention from the street. Just beyond an elegant, winding staircase in a muted gold color, Zimson’s watches are on display, housed in wooden display cases, backlit with warm-toned lighting. Surrounded by gray ceilings and floors, the wood in the fixtures helps extenuate the product.

Luxury brands, such as Gucci, are housed on the ground floor, and the second floor offers high-end premium brands. Both areas offer tailored cashwrap stations to fit the needs of their respective clients. Read the article here

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