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Zimson's new Bangalore store: Airy, inclusive and elegant

Featured by Retail4Growth, the article throws light on Zimson's store at Jayanagar in Bangalore which shows how renovation of an existing store space, when done right, can add new flavor to the brand personality and enhance its spatial experience.

Having renovated an old building and from an existing store, the store design for Zimson came with its own set of architectural challenges. The design team overhauled the space to make it more bright, open and connected. For this the team reconstructed the staircase, utilized the top height of the floor and created the ceiling cut-out in the center.

Inclusivity being a key required attribute, effort was made to appeal to different market segments - from sub-premium and premium to luxury watches. Spread across two levels, the space was crafted to visually connect both levels. While the ground level houses luxury watch brands, the upper-level houses premium and fashion range.

The zones are imbibed with a vibe that matches the merchandise category the store houses. Thus, the luxury watch zone exudes a calm, sophisticated and boutique-like vibe, while the premium & fashion segment sports a more cheerful and youthful look with denser placement and more collections. The gallery-like display and zoning welcome its customers to walk around and self-browse more collections. It is also a space that enables engagements and interactions with lounge set-ups and an acoustic design that encourages customers to discuss in private. Read the full article here

Design Associate: StoryStudio

Image Credit: 2023 Hansoga Photography | Jubin Johnson | @hansoga_photography

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