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Role of Retail in Sustainability

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Sustainability For Retail - How Retail leaders create environmental, social & cultural innovations written by Vilma Barr & Ken Nisch.

‘The retail industry is identified as the source of 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.’ Just this sentence from the book’s back cover blurb gets your attention, more so when you are directly or indirectly involved in this ecosystem.

Climate change & the catastrophic damage & impact our planet is in everyone’s attention. But getting beyond this, as companies it is better if we can get insight on what works & how to start doing it. Some real-life success stories that few businesses have achieved in this subject is inspiring and informatively presented through interviews in this book.

Interviews with leaders ranging from multi-nationals to specialty collections, to report on innovative technological advancements. Sustainability for Retail offers businesses and consumers insight into beneficial decision-making for themselves and for the greater environment.

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