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Mumbai This Time - Awards, Culture + Retail Safari & More

From our projects grabbing awards at VM&RD Retail Design Awards 2023 to exploring the design & cultural extravaganza at NMACC in Mumbai and visiting new flagship retail concepts, this trip to Mumbai was an engaging and inspirational journey.

After the long gap due to COVID restrictions, FRDC team recently visited In-Store Asia 2023, held at Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai. But it was more than the event, where the crew got to experience new facets of retail, design and culture in the city (which we always visit for business & rarely for leisure). The journey began with visiting the 14th edition of In-Store Asia, an annual event that we look forward to reconnect with industry colleagues, retailers and vendors. The expo was a resourceful one for our team, and those new to the retail design tribe, who enjoyed discovering new concepts in retail design services and establishing new connects.

On the other hand, we were also invited to share our insights at the convention , where Sanjay Agarwal, MD & Co-Founder of FRDC curated & moderated a sharp, insightful and interactive panel discussion on ‘How Green Is Green? Trends & Impact of Sustainable Design”. The session delved with understanding major myths in sustainable designs & build, with each panel member sharing their insights through their practical experience. The discussion concluded with deciphering the facts and how we can incorporate ‘sustainability’ in our built retail environment.

Besides discovery & networking, the second day of the event concluded with recognition of some best retail design & VM design in the industry. At the VM&RD Retail Design Awards 2023, FRDC was thrilled to have bagged 5 awards in various categories for its projects NirogStreet, Jockey and FabHome. The evening ended with the team celebrating the much-deserved appreciation, good music and great company.

Another interesting facet of the event was the venue itself! Located at the new & hugely popular Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC), it was wonderful to explore India’s myriad art, craft & craftsmanship and be inspired.

To our luck, the centre was showcasing the special exhibit ‘India in Fashion: The Impact of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination’, which aimed to capture India’s relationship and influence on fashion and style from the 18th century to present day. The immersive exhibition with its brilliance in space & exhibit design, lighting and sound allowed design enthusiasts to soak in, seek new perspective and enjoy a myriad of influences—from Indian art and architecture to landscapes and of course, textiles.

Due to popular demand, the final day was dedicated to visit the newly launched Apple Store at Jio World Drive. Here, the team also explored new retail concepts and brand experiences, the new vibe and how it appeals to the customer today. While the team’s cameras were in constant ‘capture mode’, it was a great seeing new & fresh ideas in real world and not through our digital screens. We can safely that the charm & impact of offline retail is here to stay, flourish and evolve. And not just that… the inspiration and learning from the real world retail safari (its sights, sounds and smells) beats the most engaging online content. Lookingforward to yet another opportunity to explore more with the team.

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