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Retail A Connected Space - IIID Indore

FRDC was recently invited by the IIID - Indore Regional Chapter to be part of ‘Celebrated Spaces’ an interactive session that this time was focussing on retail design.

Speaking on the topic Retail - A Connected Space, the session began with the emphasises on the how retail is beyond transacting and it’s all about vibing with the customer today. Highlighting the importance of brick & mortar in retail ecosystem, Sanjay Agarwal of FRDC spoke of how the medium has become more vital today, a space where everything that the brand communicates in digital channels finally culminates in reality at the store. With this the 3C’s of Content - Storytelling & narration; Community - Who & How a brand connects with and Commerce - Bringing in Relevance & How we inspire.

The session had relevant case studies in retail environment that have cracked the 3Cs effectively to create impactful store environments. FRDC also shared a detailed overview of some of the studio’s projects that have been successful with this approach in the Indian context.

Shopping is a social phenomena & here to stay and so are physical stores. As designers we need to think about…

  • The People - Make retail meaningful for them

  • The Value - Let people walk-out happy & content

  • The Wants & Needs - Understand the shifts happening & fulfil it

The event was well-received by the design fraternity in Indore, while also gave us great opportunity to connect and understand views from varied field across architecture & interior design. A special note of thanks for the organisers who graciously welcomed us to the lovely city of Indore, introduced us to the culture, history and amazing gastronomical delights.

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