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Neeru's Classics at Coimbatore

Nestled in a quaint brick structure, Neeru's newest store opens at the rich lush location of Race Course Road in Coimbatore. Neeru's is a high trajectory aspirational Ethnic Indian Women wear’s brand, that not only inspires Indian women to seek something trendy and new within the ethnic range but also transpires a sense of ‘celebrity’ within its customers.

In Coimbatore, the store is conceptualised as an ‘Abode’ for the brand personifying everything that is ‘authentic’, ‘good’, ‘modern’, ‘rooted’, ‘Indian’, ‘ethnic’, while expressing freedom, glam & glitz of the 'Celebrity'. Architectural context of the store is derived from the ‘Traditional’ space with a symmetricized spatial dimension. The space with its arcade and colonnade organisation and a ‘layered’ volume with a traditional verandah and a voluminous hall sequentialises customer journey into this transitional spatial experience.

The verandah and the entry porch has been treated like a ‘Foyer’, while windows and the arcaded hall as a showcase and collection of the brand. One transitions these spaces with low to high intensity of expectations and visual treats. The courtyard in the Hall creates a sense of natural Focus on special collection while low height spaces around become a selling one.

The ceilings with tiled roofing and rafters have been kept intact and highlighted with certain amount of accentuation of light suspensions. The ceiling and system thus becomes a skeleton for the store. The merchandise fixtures and gondolas have been designed keeping a contrast proportions of being ‘light’ and ‘minimal’ in mind without overpowering the space and merchandise.

Elegant proportions have bene accentuated through form followed in futures design inspired by arches and what all is beautiful. The fixture colour follows a soft elegant palette.

Certain amount of Traditional Indian crafts and skills have been brought in to complement and add authentic Indian artistry.

Weaving crafts or wooden joinery and metal joinery all play and come as a fusion to celebrate and bring that ‘celebrity’ attitude in overall design. Wall colours have a muted and subtle story while floor and engravings manifest the nostalgia and a home feeling inside the trail experience.

The store design language weaves an unheard and yet nostalgic story around all the elements, colour, textures and keeps reminding customers about ‘Indianness’ in a subtle manner.

Overall the experience of the store and customer journey is inspired by an ‘abode’ and here its a modern Indian abode.

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