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Mayur Rayani of FRDC among VMSD's Designer Dozen 2020

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Called as 'Retail Rockstars', VMSD recently announced its Designer Design 2020, in which Mayur Rayani, Associate Creative Head Retail Design was stated as one of the winners. Nearly a decade ago, VMSD began its annual Designer Dozen awards program to recognize the retail industry’s rising stars, ages 35 and under, who have begun to make their mark on an industry that’s in a state of continual, and often rapid, evolution. Read the full story here.

Mayur Raiyani

Age: 35 \ Associate Creative Head Retail Design

FRDC \ Bengaluru, India

Why him?

Mayur’s portfolio includes a diverse range of work in retail design, from designing entire duty-free retail spaces to independent brand experience stores to flagships. He creates complete retail experiences including visual merchandising, in-store communications, advanced retail lighting and retail technologies, fixture designs, and interior and architectural services. Colleagues say his eye for detail and lateral senses within store design give him an innate ability to transform conceptual design ideas into futuristic and visceral retail executions.

How would you describe your design sensibility?

“I believe in the human-centric design approaches that are about the people you design for and providing solutions that meet their needs. In retail, helping customers through retail therapy is my biggest inspiration! All our projects at the design studio follow the collaborative design process. We begin by defining the design strategy and critical elements that answer the customers’ needs. We then design spatial elements and propose a design approach, followed by developing design concepts and delivering effective brand experiences.”

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