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FabHome's home-like yet contemporary vibe featured in VMSD

Featured as a Design Profile in VMSD magazine this month, the article by Olivia Taylor speaks of how FabHOME accommodates the varied needs of its modern clientele by mixing the comfort of home with easy, contemporary design.

Designed as the ultimate destination for home decor, FabHome is a fusion of a department store and marketplace, an inviting space that caters to families and young professionals in Hebbal, Bangalore, India. Its comfortable interior and open layout provide a relaxed, stress-free shopping experience for the modern clientele.

Spanning three floors and 13,000 square feet, FabHOME needed to be easy to navigate.

“With a plethora of products and brands available these days through various retail channels, curation has become vital,” says Sanjay Agarwal of Bangalore-based retail design agency FRDC. “People are also looking for a comfortable shopping experience.”

The floors, and the merchandise, are curated into various “home” categories, similar to a classic department store. Yet, the marketplace-like, open-floor layout invites guests to effortlessly flow between sections to browse or to grab and go. Read the full article here

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