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Be Relevant Now and in the Future

How retailers can adapt to the “new normal”

By Sanjay Agarwal | Posted June 1, 2020 |

The retail matrix is experiencing a major change with the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Retail stores must demonstrate to their customers that they are evolving to be relevant for the “new normal” today, and also for the future by adopting circular sustainable methods through recycling, repurposing and reduce/reuse.

Be Relevant for the ‘New Normal’

A recent survey conducted by FRDC across shoppers in different age groups across India revealed that more than 50 percent people are willing to change their shopping habits and view safety as a prime determining factor at retail stores.

In addition to requiring personal safety practices such as hand sanitizers and masks, retail stores will need to transform their ecosystems to be perceived as safe places to win customers back. How do they smell, how clean do they look, how clean and sterilized are the products on shelves, how are dressing rooms being sanitized, and how they can offer a contactless customer journey at the store are all questions retailers must be able to answer.

People would like to touch the products but they cannot, so that’s a dilemma we all must solve for.

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