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DKP Cement


Dhule, Maharashtra

Year completed 



1500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Cementric was envisaged as a one-of- its-kind cement experience centre that creates immersion & engagement in a low involvement category like cement. The evolved nature of cement is mostly known to transactors/dealers & engineers, where it is seen as one of the least involved commodity in the entire chain of building materials materials for end consumers. Understanding these things about cement, the challenge was to create a center which can still exude a customer experience and engagement for such a commodity.

The space design manifests the entire experience as if it is a construction studio or an actual construction site. The experience centre focuses on the physical attributes of cement – Modular / Architectural / Dynamic – Inspired by ‘Stages of construction’ 

The experience centre immerses and engages visitors with its discovery, explore and accomplish zones. Ranging from types of cement, cement properties, brand display, cement application, consultation and discussion areas spread across the space. 

Details of communication, display , tactile and visual elements all have been knitted in a manner that creates curiosity and excitement among the community who participate in buying or those taking a decision about buying cement.

This centre also helps the franchisee / distributor in creating an aspirational environment to deal with its valued customers as cement is often seen in the market in godowns / sheds, where high level trading takes place. Hence this becomes an important landmark and a departure point on how a commodity like cement could also find a place in the whole retail ecosystem.

The visual communication and the engagement process of the user / customer finds an interesting way whether it’s a huge installation of a cement constructing pillar or scaled down miniature model of under construction site – of work in progress, properties of cement and other information which is presented in a very highly visual and highly tactile manner. The space also helps doubling up as a place to impart education, talks and product launches by different cement brands to elevate the category. 


Cement brands are highlighted by tasteful display of branded cement bags in a lifestyle fashion and hence creating a disruption in the entire market. Overall material and textures have been inspired from the properties and color of cement, its affect on a construction site, the look and feel of exposed concrete and galvanized metal is vital in creating a real experience and not something which is superficially overloaded by any foreign materials.

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