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Zimson Watches



Year completed 



2000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Zimson has been a trusted retailer of wrist watches since 1948. With over 50 renowned international brands and over 40 stores spread across in South India. They wanted their new store to be bold and sophisticated with a strong entrance and exclusive finishes that would reflect their heritage and legacy of excellence. The design brief was to create a space that was elegant and refined with a bold entrance. A space that would create a sense of calmness and have premium presence. The luxury brands can be found on the ground floor and the high-end premium brands can be found on the first floor. The two floors are connected by a stately looking staircase. The entrance is also embellished with copper tube pendant lighting fixture that emulates the warmth and resonate with the colour of the staircase.   

The clean lines and crisp finishes are complemented by simple layout of the store. The display systems are constructed with the idea of elegant finesse and functionality. The intent of this design approach is to take advantage of an energetic location and bring in clean and contemporary design scheme. It also appeals to the sophisticated global tastes for both younger and older generations.

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