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Vivek's Digital


South India


700-1500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Vivek's, a well-known South India’s leading electronics retailer’s initiative of launching retail for younger generation found creation of ‘Digital’ as a new retail format. We created a well-appointed and an experience driven retail experience for digital experience the store would sell.


The design strategy for Vivek's Digital was to engage the youth, which is the largest customer, with their entire product categories in a better way with a youthful environment that identifies and retains its customers in the space for browsing. Store interior follows ‘Function follows Form’, in reverse approach in order to make a clear statement amongst the mall clutter. The store is provided with only one back wall while the other 3 sides are open to corridor and other retail brand stores.


The challenge was not to block any of the other retail store’s visibility, at the same time the store has to be locked in the nighttime for the safety purpose. The display heights are kept below the eye-level for clear visibility of the products. The flooring pattern is given a curved form to highlight movements on the floor. The ceiling lighting fixtures are directly mounted on the ceiling structure. Central hanging lights are unique ceiling element that acts as a chandelier in space. VM is within each presentation and the presentation is of the products is devoid of any external props. Layering principle and heights dictated positioning of products within the store.

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