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Uniqlo - Cyberhub



Year completed 



12,200 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Global Japanese brand and retailer UNIQLO for its India debut proposed to bring Special Global Concept stores. 
The objectives of the store design was to represent and amplify in certain magnitude the values and characteristics of the brand such as Japanese philosophy of Elegant Precision and Functionality. Harmony, balance and minimal approach as Function over Form is the underlying thought of the store design.

DLF CyberHub is a unique location and a hub that brings together people from all walks of life, culture and diversities much as UNIQLO’s philosophy of Made for All. In addition, the new store continues UNIQLO India’s Good Neighbourhood Guide endeavour, highlighting the hidden gems of local neighbourhoods. This is also to showcase local community efforts and bring them forward to all our customers. 


The store is a greenfield building put within existing office structure created using metal structure. Spread over two floors and with a total retail space of 12,200 square feet, UNIQLO DLF CyberHub welcomes customers with its minimalistic and futuristic design sensibilities. The store design is well integrated with the design approach of the surrounding buildings and showcases an impactful façade. Anchored by a 11 metre high ceiling, the store is an inviting space for customers. The special 2000 square feet UT corner highlights stainless steel structures and an LED ticker, running from one end to the other. A T-shaped staircase draws the pathway for easy access to the first floor where men and women wear collections are showcased. 
The store facade is a creation of an Interface which heralds like a framed installation within the vicinity. Embraced with tall 12 MT super clear glass with vertical stainless steel mullions and an entry vestibule, it not only acts as a brand face but also invites and attract passersby.

The great atrium with a grand central staircase created out of stainless-steel acts like a grand hub for customers to experience the expanse of the store and almost all the categories from within any part of the store. Dynamic LEDs connecting the atrium and creating an environment of celebration mesmerizes people and helps in creating positive vibes and an extension of hangout place from outside to inside.

UT section with a tall glass facade edge makes people experience the section in its Stainless steel and diffused lighting along with happening outside store. Thus, UT is like a connected community space.

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