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Studio West


Bangalore | Pan India

Year completed 



1000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

‘Studio West’ brand launched by Westside wanted to highlight perfumes and cosmetics of their private labels as well as that of other brands, to get a variety of products and quick services for makeup in an interactive space. 


The thought was to create ‘digital experience with instant service for makeup art studio’, with the overall objective of bringing together a fusion of technology, live presentation, and quick makeup services, where people can interact and experience latest trends in makeup art. 

To give a modern & fresh look complimenting the brand identity, all the materials are in black & white combination. Gloss black flooring and ceiling with other furniture in white helps to highlight colours of different products on display. 


The exhibit around the circular column is the most functional and beautifully executed with backlit lighting, LED display screens & different shelving systems adjusted on it. This space was designed to maximise customer interactions with products & sales persons, optimum usage of retail space for display and product storage, and seamless managing of third party brands, all under a single experience roof. 

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