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Bangalore & PAN India


1000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Ruosh, post their launch, has become a synonym for classy men’s shoes, riding on its image of English heritage and craftsmanship. The brand felt the need of creating a new retail experience, which would be more relevant to the emerging urban class and progressive looking new age male buyers.


The store design also would act as a catalyst in providing unisex merchandise display, in maneuver for when its ready to launch women’s range, along with lifestyle leather goods and accessories. While designing the store, main challenges encountered were the small size of the store and high product density for a fair amount of BOH. The design approach was formed considering an urban context driven by emerging new worlds like Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, etc., With a mindset of tech savvy customers.


The store was composed along clean, cultured, and structural display systems with various detailed touch points that expressed craftsmanship; which is symbolic of the brand. Neutral and elegant forms, minimal geometry, simple materials and joinery integrated with flexible shelving systems and embedded lights provide a forefront for store experience. Understanding the product scale and size, design for bases andplatforms specially for shoes were inspired from occasion and usage of them. For example, denim texture base for canvas and casual shoes, formal wooden carpeted base for work shoes and so on. Within the limitations, an attempt was made and executed successfully, creating an international looking store with an integrated ambience.

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