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Neeru's 1000 Signature



Year completed 



1100 sqft

What we did?



Space Design 


Project Highlights 

Crafted to indulge and pamper the ‘brides-to-be’ with their most signature collection, the Neeru’s 1000 Signature store offers an immersive experience for the bridal party to select their wedding trousseau.


The design is a take on Indian traditions fused with a modern setting. Catering to customers ‘by appointment’ only and highly attentive and personalized service, the space is primarily zoned in three different key areas. Central round fixture is an inspiration from ‘Indian wedding Pheras’- or wedding vows that are taken during the marriage around a fire. Left side display wall, right side display wall & a central area for customer seating along with a high-end product display courtyard in the center.


Luxurious appointed trial rooms with attached powder room and family room make her feel at home. Privately placed large mirrors and mood lighting with accent highlighting for garments makes her feel not only comforted but in an elevated mood of her most cherished occasion in life. Indian craft techniques and materials have been applied as design philosophy across the store. The façade stands out with the traditional stone artwork done on Sandstone, which adds to the experience during the day and evening too with the wall wash lighting.

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