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Bangalore, Mumbai


700-1500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Mustard, originally a brand synonymous with ‘Indo-Western’ fashion for Indian women have evolved to become a ‘Indian Boutique’ brand offering customized fits for Urban and modern Indian women with a blend of Indian fabrics and western cuts/styling. The Design Objective was to celebrate ‘Femme’.


The design involved tying together deliberately the ‘subtle’ and the ‘bold’. On one hand there is the delicate beauty of the Origami form which unfolds throughout the entire store_ a representation of woman’s creative expression, and on the other hand the linear open display as opposed to the alcove wardrobe_ a representation of woman’s freedom. The store façade was designed architecturally as an interpretation of Solid vs Void. By breaking away from the concept of a typical entrance door, here an open entry treated with a framed portal carries the signage as a welcome feature. Interior of the store is inspired from Origami, Fabrics and Studio.


The Mannequin Runway which displays the latest trends, and new arrival collections is placed strategically as you enter the studio. The shelving is entirely glass, with one side frosted. Photo frames of varying sizes and finishes inspired from Vintage Classic and modern contemporary, were used in groups to give visual cues to customers. These framed photos enhance the mood and feel of the store. The lighting plays an important role in the store. The subtle yet bold origami pattern is accentuated effectively with the light and shadow effects created on the panels.

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