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Linen Club



Year completed 



2000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Linen Club is a specialty store that deals with western fashion apparel. Retail fabrics in India are sold mostly like a commodity. Challenging the perception of seeing retailing fabrics as a down wholesale market and creating a gallery of modern retailing space was the key drive to design for the brand. The strategy was to create a consumer experience and inspiration center to be commensurate with the linen quality and customer expectations of the brand. It was led by three core ideas of transforming the way fabrics are sold traditionally and not like an experience, to create a gallery displaying fabrics like art, and to create an ambiance to attract and retain men. Linen has a fascinating history and people who appreciate this fabric lead a life full of promises. This promise and larger than life attitude were taken as a design theme along with the origin of ‘French’ design, linear lines, and the contrast of lightness of linen vs boldness of wood. Bespoke furniture, unique lighting elements (also fabricated exhibiting the versatility of linen) highlight different zones. The fixtures that define the concept of the Linen Club store are the pergola structures that create the prime consulting studios. The overall strategy for visual merchandising for Linen Club retail concept is inspiration, styling and hospitality. It is designed to ensure that the customer sees the sales floor clearly from the storefront and the 3 distinct zones within. The proprietary merchandising displays of the linen bolts and bales, the store’s custom design lighting, the unique floor plan and presentation, all create a Linen Club experience for the guest, unique to retail in general, and specifically to Linen Club.

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