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ITC - Personal Care




10000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

ITC’s Consumer Interaction Center is a research-led facility for their personal care products. ITC’s range of products is a blend of science and nature to create an environment which is driven by science coupled with the elements of nature.


The design was carefully put together by drawing attention to specific aspects of the brand ethos that needed to be translated into experience at the center. As a design concept driving the interior space experience, stress was given to create viewpoints, from each angle and that is how spaces have been created. At the first touch point of customer interaction the facade usage of opine baffle to cover all exposed electrical wires.


The old integrated truss structure which helps to support the roof of the shed was retained as exposed and painted white to become part of the old world charm that the design wanted to underline. Taking that as the underlying thought, exposed bricks and natural approach was brought into the design. The idea was to not give the interiors ‘new feel’ but to blend it in with the campus environment and yet stand on its own as an expression.

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