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Hyderabad Duty Free



Year completed 



1200 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Hyderabad Duty Free promises an unmatched shopping experience, offering an assortment of some of the world’s finest brands across liquor, perfume, confectionery, tobacco and authentic handpicked souvenirs. Hyderabad Duty Free is committed to becoming one of the Best Travel Retailers in India by providing unmatched value proposition and enhanced shopping experience for its customers with every visit. Spread over 1200 sq mts of area, HDFRL is a tax & duty free shopping haven for over 3 million International passengers flying to and from RGIA. Growing rapidly over the last 6 years.

The client brief was to design a compact retail space as a main terminal under expansion building to accommodate all duty free product categories. 

The idea behind designing the duty free space  in the city of Nawabs and Nizams-Hyderabad, was to create a space which looks like a jewel, well lit and attractive to the eyes at first glance with a contemporary approach.

The space had a three sided open retail space with minimalist and monolith structures which allows for maximum visibility/categorized displays for various brands. The store had a colour palette with the use of colours like white, brown, gold being achieved through the use of wooden vinyl plank flooring, white display fixtures and gold finished 3D letters for each categories making the store stand out and unique.

The fixed wall side fixtures and modular floor displays were provided with all side access and the wall displays were provided with floating systems having slotted channels, the fixtures had a wall bay organic profile form and were done using white laminated ply. The store also had gold finished display structures, gondola’s supports and edge finishing.

The design highlight of Hyderabad Duty Free were the monolith structures which allowed for more visibility , gold finished 3D backlit signage which gave it a unique look and the 3D backlit visual frames on the façade giving the space a very premium and sleek look with a good shopping experience.

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