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Ecko Unltd




1500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Spencer Apparel’s goal was to come out with an International and inspiring store concept for international brands-Ecko Unltd. and Ecko Red. Creating an environment and experience for India’s aspiring youth and bridging the philosophy of Marc Ecko through the use of innovative retail forms and space was a major design strategy. Ecko Unltd. stores offer an eclectic space, fitting well with the brand’s philosophy that is dedicated to the offbeat and adventurous and that cuts across a wide swath of youth culture, giving everyone a chance to be true to themselves.


At the very beginning of the retail journey, the facade spells out the international facet of the famous Rhino brand. The 2D brackets in the logo enclosing a rhino has been transformed into two 3D half brackets placed diagonally opposite to each other in the windows. The graphics of an international city escape together with the graffiti and pictures of adventure sports visually draws the customer from the street onto the ‘Street like Catwalk.’


The fashion offerings in the store are placed on fixtures along this walkway. Walls merchandise with graphic backdrops contrasted by the charcoal wall and ceiling walls accentuate fashion statements across departments. Chrome / metal and red accent have been fused to create interesting embellishments to add to the excitement and youthfulness of the brand environment. Ecko Unltd. (men) from Ecko Red (women) have been differentiated in store by the use of colors and forms. Red has been used on sectional headers complimented by soft curved fixtures for the women’s department.


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