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Delhi Duty Free


New Delhi

Year completed 



50,000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Delhi Duty Free was proposed to be designed in sync with International duty frees, with a more futuristic retail experience. This 50,000 sq.ft area, spanning over departure, arrival and other small departments was to be designed, keeping up to the expectations of travellers arriving and departing through major International Airports. 

Considering Delhi is a gateway for international and domestic passengers, the idea was to provide an enthralling experience to them. Design for DDF makes use of leading expertise and interactive technologies, with simulating and engaging layouts which emphasize on key customer touch points like quick pay station, engaging zones and categories likes perfumes, cosmetics, liquor, etc, that are determined after understanding travellers’ mindset and psychographics. Engaging technologies like touch based perch in various zones help people engage with products and their information. Design language is elegant, driven by futuristic materials and experiential lighting, that blend to perfection in creating a canvas for international brands. A single unifying design binds all the brands together to provide a consistent smooth experience to its customers.


The client brief was to a design a modern retail space along with new customer experience and  customer journey which can define each individual brand’s space under the duty free umbrella.

The concept of alcove-a touch of gold and white in space and retail displays has been implemented in the space designed. The design also took inspirations from the city’s history and heritage yet creating a more premium and contemporary look.

The façade design took inspirations from the city’s history and heritage by incorporating the city skyline near the entrance and also the warm white used in the façade was inspired from the design of Taj Mahal.

The layout and planning was done in such a way that people would pause ,appreciate and have a good shopping experience, hence the navigation was branched out at different places instead of sticking onto a single route experience and greater emphasis was given to P&C in the departure section so that more women would approach the shopping zone also making sure that promo zone was also given equal emphasis.

The arrival area has a more ethnic feel representing the Indian heritage.The various zones inside the store were categorized into Promo zone (white spirits, johnnie walker house, malt promo, Chivas studio, dark spirits), Services, Confectionery, Fashion, Perfumes and cosmetics and the back of house.

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