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Jockey Flagship - Connaught Place


New Delhi

Year completed 



2500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Amalgamating two iconic entities under a single roof, the Jockey Flagship at Connaught Place in New Delhi is sure to make its mark in store design & experience in India. Jockey, founded in 1876 with the legacy of clothing mankind and having invented the first men's Y-Front brief in 1934 meets the iconic Connaught Place, New Delhi a historical monument showcasing Colonial era architecture during its supreme reign.


The store design evolved around 'Coalesce' as a driving concept with an idea to create an iconic store which is rooted in history, legacy and yet progressive and contemporary in its experience. 


The approach for design uses two narratives that are interwoven seamlessly- 

1-‘Respect’, ‘Reveal' and 'Restore' the heritage and the given architecture to travel back into history.

2-Create an immersive retail experience for the brand using technology and contemporary design language.


The interior exposes original architectural elements built during 1930's such as bricks, wood joinery, Jack Arch Roof, stone ceiling & cornices and showcasing them in its pride as part of overall spatial experience. Juxtaposing this is modern design elements along with hi-tech screens, LED walls, tickers, skylight effects and lighting that create a perfect 'Co-Existence'.


Jockey Flagship at CP celebrates the women’s department on the ground level, while the men travel upstairs. As the facade is sans windows, an eye-catching runway made of 'Hot Tables' with skylights on ceiling welcome customers. These ‘Hot Tables’ are used to showcase the range too. The upper floor greets customers with an 'overlooking' lounge and a cantilevered 'Style Ledge' showcasing a series of 'Looks' the the brand has to offer. The dynamic LED portal welcomes you to the men’s floor. 


Overall, the design ideation of this Jockey store is driven by 'urban', 'activeness' and 'sportiness'. While flooring and finishes are inspired by urban streetscapes and hence the use of raw concrete finishes, the fixtures are inspired by sports locker rooms and are done in wood and metal. 

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