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Color Plus




500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Creating an off-line experience for an Online brand, with no direct selling, the objective of the space was to showcase the best form of the merchandise. The strategy for this retail studio was to create an experience center for retailers that reflected the character of the brand & the merchandise, giving a similar aesthetic & interactive experience of a retail store.

The design concept of the store is of a “Style Bar + Abseiling” coming together in a rugged & edgy environment creating the aesthetic sense of a retail store in a small & defined space. The bar & abseiling essence comes out through the materials carefully selected for the studio along with the style of display of garments.

The main highlight of the space was the style bar display on the wall that went up to the ceiling creating a dramatic effect as one enters the store. The abseiling hanging effect was brought into the store by the central hanging displays & gondolas below it, to lighten up the merchandise display on the floor. The main idea was to create a direct line of sight allowing the retailers to understand the brand, the premiumness as well as the products available in the store.

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