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Year completed 



1500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Extraordinary, unique and truly incomparable, Blend Craft is a trusted source for a diverse collection of tobacco products that reflect excellence in blending and craftsmanship. The objective of the new store design concept was to create an exclusive retail experience for a lifestyle driven ‘connoisseur’ who appreciates and indulges in what is good and thus allowing? The brand delivers a unique shopping experience that is unforgettable. The store is a premium tobacco driven lifestyle shopping destination and showcases exclusive high-end tobacco products and accessories.


Blendcraft targets men who are seeking the best of what they can get. Understanding that, the store design follows three primary objectives, to create a sophisticated yet mature retail environment, to personify a class which indulgent men seek and to offer a service driven retail. The store design revolves around the concept of premium art gallery and an infotainment area with showcase of products, which evoke fulfillment and sense of gratification in customers’ minds, with displays cased in a museum kind environment with minimalist approach and an awareness and education on the same at the core of store experience defines the overall experience.

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