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500 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

BIBA means ‘sweet, nice girl’ in Punjabi and it is this meaning that store design was driven with. Biba is a fashion line which is fashionable yet affordable ethnic modern Indian clothing. The challenge was to create a distinctive shopping experience within the store’s footprint. The look and feel of the store was created by taking cue from a woman’s favorite place –the wardrobe. The display units have been designed to give a look and feel of the wardrobes, whereas the trial room area has big mirrors with accent light to create a feel of the dressing rooms. The doors of the Trial rooms have Red Lacquered Glass, a color strongly associated with woman and passion. Indian women and ‘Shringar’ go together and this shringar was adapted as Sequins in façade.

Wardrobe type units with Screen mesh as a backdrop line up display of merchandise on both sides of walls. Bronze mirror with back paint effect and Biba red trial room with bleed of signature all culminate in a celebration mood when one is in the store. The store is laid out strategically designed to allow effective cross merchandising. Focus areas are provided for the fast-selling merchandise, like for the churidar section and also the exclusive merchandise.

Using patina finished metal hardware, wood finish borders, bases and frosted glass shelving, the store fixtures create the perfect backdrop for the merchandise to be in focus. Blend of glass and matt finishes bring out the boldness of the brand and woman in a subtle manner.

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