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Year completed 



5000 sqft


VM&RD Retail Design Award 2020

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Aptly named after this ornate textile pattern, Gujarat-based ‘Bagh’ brand offers Indian apparel range for women with motifs which are deeply rooted in Indian crafts. The objective of the store design was to create an ambience that mimics a silent space where one can focus on intricacy of the apparel print and explore styles gradually meandering between zones. With Bagh being a mass-premium brand, the challenge was in managing high density while avoiding visual clutter. For this, fixtures have been cleverly designed to take higher capacity but with an open & lighter look. This helped in conveying the feel of abundance in choice yet rarity in design. 


The store design and formation of space was rooted in flexibility keeping in mind the ever evolving merchandise and style of Bagh merchandise. Representing the brand’s philosophy, the space is crafted with natural & local materials that celebrate Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary way.

Overall, Bagh’s store design tells story of humble designs elevated to become aspirational.

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