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1500 sqft

Year Completed


What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Taking ‘active’ and ‘healthy’ as the underlying theme, our team came up with an ambience and an experience which invites people to spend time by themselves. The addict juice bar reflects the brand attitude of activism, energetic, vibrant and a sense of ‘Feel good’ and connects to the consumers thereby closing the gap between brand and Visual Communication.


The space was trapezoid and irregularly shaped. The architects broke the space and deformed in ‘arcs’ flowing in flooring and ceiling which de-shaped the layout and provided the fluidity in design and space planning. 


The juice counter bar was designed with eye-catching elements. Stained shot glasses are suspended over the ceiling to create a curiosity element and provide something to see and think when at the counter. The floor is differentiated in three shapes to accentuate these arcs. The visual language of the space is all about color and energy. The tagline of “Get high on life” is taken to another level by splashes of colors: Red, Orange, Green and Yellow, achieved by gradations of 6 x 6 inches mosaics tile Palladio. The white of the Corian countertop is in contrast with the red glasses used as lamp shades on the ceiling above, creating drama.

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