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‘Sell the Hole, Not the Drill’! - Design Talk at Home & Home+ Conclave

Probably one of the most famous quotes in marketing comes from Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

In the recently concluded Home & Home+ Conclave at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune organized by Creaticity, FRDC emphasized and presented the examples of projects that show how important it is to design retail stores keeping customer’s needs in mind. How can retail store be more socially activated and a place where conversations are encouraged.

People want “bundles of benefits”. People seek JOY. Retail store design and experience should not be centred around product, nor brand and not even your customers. It should be centred around your customers’ “needs and wants”. Every product no matter what it is, basically provides a service or a solution to a problem a customer is facing or is trying to avoid.

Watch the video for short and quick insights on this subject.

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