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Façade Elements Echoing Brand Attitude & Vibe

In the latest issue of Window & Facade magazine (Jan-Feb '24), delve into an insightful article penned by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Co-Founder & MD of FRDC. Discover his expert take on Sustainable Facade Design, offering valuable perspectives for architects and enthusiasts alike.

As designers, architects or manufacturers & contractors, we are all connected to the building industry and we are increasingly aware of the massive implications of adding millions of square feet each year on planet Earth. To quantify this, it is estimated that about 40% of CO2 emissions are related, in some way, to the building construction industry.

We also understand that there is a need to course correct and bring sustainable practices in a more rigorous way, even in built retail environments. Stores are slowly but surely demonstrating their commitment towards sustainability to their customers, and that they are relevant for today, and also for the future. There is a rising need to adopt circular sustainable design practices through recycling, repurposing, reducing and reusing.

Façades are a significant part of retail spaces, taking up a large portion of the built area. Ranging from malls and high street storefronts, big box stores or repurposed old bungalows, they are pivotal in grabbing attention and projecting the first impression of the brand.

Being iconic, impactful or technologically advanced, store façades are increasingly more character-driven, with design elements that echo the brand attitude and vibe at its best. Along with this, there is a

stress on adhering to green norms, where designers are harvesting natural resources to the max, using building materials that do good and restoration to adopt sustainable design in retail builds.

Source: wfmmedia

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