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5000 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Fiat, of Italian genesis is a car that the millennials grew up watching. Not more than a few years back, Fiat came up with the Fiat Caffés to add to the engagement aspect of the brand. To breathe in new life and to connect with the youth of the country, it was decided to extend Fiat Caffé and redo the same in a manner that the place can not only extend hours of operations but also double up as a hangout place for youth. The concept was to design a showroom cum cafe to add and render an atmosphere, which would lure the customer to hang out a bit longer.


Design was driven from the idea of bringing Italian authenticity and Fiat’s nostalgia into the space and reform it into a Fiat gallery during the day and a happening garage bar at night to create an authentic experience and a car enthusiast atmosphere. The 
ambiance was a brand driven ideology and therefore the brand, ‘FIAT’ was infused in the smallest of details, with the intention to arouse discussions on the same.


The space has been segregated into two sections, the ground floor with the cars on display gushes a more sophisticated impression, while the top floor buzzes with a party spirit. To create genuine involvement, props like gear box, engine case, 
shaft, piston drum, etc., have been used creatively throughout the bar. The theme for in-store communication was based on the history of Fiat & evolution of their logos/cars, etc. The spaces engage its audience with facts and history of the company showcasing Fiat’s legacy from the past decades and successfully create an emotional bond through elements and design. 

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