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FabHome | FabIndia


Indiranagar, Bangalore

Year completed 



7,000 sq.ft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

FabHome, a home and lifestyle segment of FabIndia, wanted to craft a discerning retail experience for its customers that celebrate the brand’s offering in a befitting and homely environment. The store design is driven by the idea of ‘discovery’ and ‘curation’, where the journey within the retail store is inspired from ‘homes'.


Located on the busy street in Indiranagar, Bangalore, FabHome is spread across 7,000 sq ft and recreated from an existing residential bungalow. A sense of character, warmth and old Bangalore charm gets a new look with this store experience, where home furnishing, decor and furniture is beautifully nestled in this residence turned store. Here the sensibly designed labyrinth of rooms, staircase, courtyard and terrace spaces showcase merchandise in a rightful ambience. A play of seek and find, each room reveals products and coordinated setups that is attractive and easy for customers to visualize before purchase. Little pockets that are intimately charming and some that celebrate a product category, this store is a space where one can comfortably enjoy shopping for new homes or even that seasonal upgrade. The façade retains the character of the home it used to be, while making it attractive on the high street location where multi-pocketed glass sections allow a peek into the store.

With sustainability at the core of design, the usage of materials has been devised accordingly ranging from locally sourced material to reclaimed wood that’s used at the cash wrap.


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