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Year Completed



5600 sqft

What we did?

Strategic Programming

Concept Ideation

Design Development


Project Highlights 

Arttd’inox was launched with the objective of bringing about excellent designs & forms in stainless steel table ware & home décor products in India. Driven by stainless steel as core material, each product designed by ‘Arttdinox’ depicts a relationship between the conventional Indian roots and modern living. Thereby it redefined the dimensions of traditional steel in India. 

The store was part of a colonial era heritage structure and hence, design was restoration driven where carefully selected architectural elements were revived to its original condition. Harvesting natural day light, arched windows, verandahs and spatial experience were key to the retail experience and space design. 

The endeavor was to create an ‘Indian Colonial era led retail environment with a history of building as given and modern retail experience as an intervention’ with the objective of encouraging people to spend quality time in this space away from today’s chaotic environment in retail malls. 

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